13-Year-Old Boy From Detroit Abducted From School And Raped By 2 Men!

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Posted on: 09/15/2012

Description: Lawrence Snyder knew something was wrong the second he spotted the child walking down the street. "I (saw) the little boy walking up the street with his hands behind his back and he had no pants on. He had no shoes on," Snyder said. "His hands taped behind his back." The fifth grader, who attends Wayne Elementary School, told police someone was banging on one of the school's doors. He answered and that's when he was grabbed by two men who forced him behind an east side Detroit house on Lakepointe and raped him. They reportedly took off in a green pickup truck, and the alleged victim went to get help. Snyder called police and the teen's family. "The parents got here before the police got here, and the little boy, he's all messed up, and I'm just like, okay, who does that now? This is what Detroit (is) coming to now."" - Taryn Asher Of Detroit News